During a recent visit to Starbucks I decided to go the healthy route. I opted for oatmeal instead of my usual sugary, but delicious scone. As I inspected my purchase I noticed on the outside of the carton it read, "perfect oatmeal…enjoy".

"Really," I thought to myself. "Has Starbucks actually created the perfect oatmeal?" I tasted it. It was not too watery or too chunky. I was delighted with the little packet of dried cherries, currants, cranberries and golden raisins to add as liberally as I wanted; but was this really perfect oatmeal and what is perfect anyway?

While my mind wandered I remembered how much of my life I have spent in bondage to perfection. Only time and experience has taught me that perfection is a myth.

Only God is perfect.

I’m not sure how a bowl of oatmeal gave me such a profound realization, but it was so freeing realizing that I can try all I want, but perfection is just not attainable.

Instead of perfection, excellence is what we should strive for and for the record I prefer my oatmeal more on the chunky side.


Anonymous said...

I see perfection as relative. What is perfect for one is not perfect for all. You are correct that God is the only true perfection. When it comes to everything else, there is perfect enough and perfect for me. Kevin and I used to tell each other that all the time. We knew that there is no such thing as a perfect person, but we are perfect for each other.

Anonymous said...

In regard to perfection, I have come to the realization that it is something that slows me down. As an example, I can spend 20 minutes picking out fruits, and veggies. I look for the perfect plum, apple, bunch of grapes, and will take it as far as picking out the best head of broccoli in the bin. The only perfect fruit is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. As for the broccoli, if you prepare it properly, what difference does it make if the florets are the perfect green?

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