the list: #1 God

I cannot say I am the most studious person and no matter how hard I try it is a struggle to keep my nose in a book. This trait translated into my relationship with God and finding time to read God's Word was no longer a priority.

Last week I sat in on a talk about how although God is many things, He is also our friend. So, just as I would spend time with a friend to know them, I also needed take the time to get to know God.

This immediately brought me back to "The List", #1 Make more time in my life for God - get to know Him as I would a best friend. How do I get to know God? It isn't just through prayer, but through the reading of His Word.

Execution - Start small Katie....Rome wasn't conquered in a day!

Starting small isn't easy for me. I have the tendency to dive into deep waters and realize I am somewhere I did not want to be and I am tired of swimming. This time I will work slowly on building these new habits so I don't immerse myself so deeply that everything else falls to the wayside - I need to keep my balance.

So, as I wade into the start of my day I will use my first 10 minutes to read the Word.


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