first things first

It is just 10 o'clock in the morning and I have already gone to the gym, the grocery store and had my 10 minutes. Yesterday I just about had a meltdown - I was beat down and discouraged because life just started to feel so pointless. The piles of things are stacking up all around me and they don't seem to diminish. It feels like every time I turn around something new is smacking me in the face! How do I manage this better so there is more maintenance and less of every thing being a mess?

I begin to realize in my attempt to execute #1 by putting God first there are other things need to come first as well like the bills, exercise and eating. Heh... :) Now that I'm not at a job and keeping a regular schedule I've been forgetting to eat. My body gets weak, shaky and I have to stop and eat something so I have the strength to conquer the rest of my day. These realizations are forcing me to understand my real priorities. If I can better set my priorities in turn I can better manage my life. First and foremost, I have to take care of myself so I am able to take care of others. If I'm weak I am of no good to this world.


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